We take care of our people.

Each day, we work to build a work environment that fosters teamwork, respect and ethics. We want to make real progress on diversity and inclusion, in a journey where equal opportunity enhances our ability to positively impact our own business, our industry and the broader market. As part of this strategy, CBA works to ensure high standards of health, safety and quality of life for both direct and third-party employees. We believe physical and emotional well-being, combined with human diversity, enhances our potential to innovate and respond to society’s needs.

Diversidade e equidade

Brazil is the 9th most unequal country in the world. At the pace of progress over the last 20 years, black Brazilians will only earn the same as whites in 2089 and Brazilian women will only close the wage gap in 2047. Affirmative action is an effective way to achieve diversity and inclusion by providing equal opportunity and eliminating discrimination at the workplace, helping to reduce the legacy of inequality in heavy industry.


This program is active in the following SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

Health and safety

Brazil’s occupational injury rates are among the highest in the world, with more than 1 million lost-time injuries occurring between 2014 and 2018, according to data from the Brazilian Social Security Service. Psychological disorders and diseases associated with sedentary lifestyles are also on the rise, directly affecting employee productivity and retention. At CBA, safety is non-negotiable.


This program is active in the following SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

Delivering more than just economic results is an imperative for businesses today. Increasing our ability to create value for the world through our products and services is a valuable opportunity to deliver solutions that address social challenges while also supporting the development of the business and neighboring communities. By establishing communications channels and partnerships with communities, we are striving to build win-win relationships.

Legado Social

In a partnership with the Votorantim Institute, CBA is working to create social value across three pillars: education, economic development and public management support.


This program is active in the following SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

Nossos Objetivos 2030

  • 100% SLA conformity in social programs.
  • Secure 1-to-1 match funding from co-investors for corporate social investment (i.e. co-investors pledging a dollar for every dollar invested by CBA, to enhance the impact from initiatives).
  • Contribute to strengthening recycling cooperatives in Brazil.

*To be defined for each municipality in which we operate

What we’re doing

CBA has made intensive efforts to strengthen partnerships, expand dialog with communities, and engage with key actors in our local development strategy.